The sales funnel: a necessary evil echoed all the business owners – right? Joking aside, we all know that sales funnels are essential to a great marketing strategy and ultimately, driving sales and success for your business. But, creating the right content for the top, middle and end of the funnel can be tough to figure out. 

While it takes a lot of different kinds of content to fill out your funnel, explainer videos can be an integral part of drawing in customers at the top, informing those in the middle of your funnel, and even thanking customers for their purchase at the end of the funnel. 

Using Explainer Videos at the Top of Your Funnel

Explainer videos can be used at each stage of your sales funnel, but they are especially useful at drawing in a potential customer and catching their attention. These videos at the top of the funnel can be entertaining, funny, educational, or simply build brand awareness. This video can be used as an introduction to your organization – what you offer, what you stand for, or something catchy about your products and services. 

Explainer videos work so well at this stage because you can communicate a lot of information in a short amount of time, keeping attention spans while still getting your message across to the viewer. 

Explainer Videos in the Middle of the Funnel

Once a customer has reached the middle of your funnel, they are typically decently interested in what you have to offer and they want to learn more about your services. This is the perfect time to use explainer videos to do things like:

You can use these types of videos in more detailed and targeted email campaigns to potential customers who have expressed interest in your products. 

Finishing Off the Funnel with an Explainer Video

By the end of the funnel, your customer has gown through the complete cycle and is just about ready to move forward. This stage is just as or possibly more important than even the beginning. Why? You need to engage with your customers at the end just as much at the beginning to keep them moving forward and coming back. Explainer videos can help you do just that. Create a video with FAQ’s to clear up any confusion and remove blockers that a lead might have. Provide “how-to” videos of your products so they know exactly what to expect. Even consider follow up videos for customers that have already purchased to see how everything is going. The possibilities are endless!
Sales funnels are not created equal and simply having one will not get you the leads you want. You have to fill them with the right content to entertain, inform and show customers that your offering is the right one for them. Explainer videos can help make that happen. To get started on yours, just click here.