So, you’ve decided to dive into creating explainer videos for your organization – that’s awesome! You’ve probably considered the message, look and feel you’re going for, and even what you want the call to action to be. But, before you jump in, there’s an element you may have not considered before. The language the video will actually be in. 

You may have automatically assumed it would be in your own native language or the native language of your organization, but the truth is, it’s extremely important that explainer videos be created in multiple languages for your marketing purposes. Check out these 3 reasons why you should consider translating your explainer videos into multiple languages. 

Why Create Explainer Videos in Multiple Languages?

Increase Reach

As much as this seems like a “no-brainer,” many companies and organizations haven’t considered that simply translating their videos into another language could seriously increase their reach and exposure. They go through all kinds of different marketing strategies and plans to increase reach when something as simple as offering a video in another language might just help them get the results they are looking to achieve. 

By creating alternate versions of your video, you’re opening up your brand and business to many different groups of people that may have never stopped to listen, simply because they couldn’t understand the message. 

While English may still dominate much of the Internet as a preferred language, it simply isn’t the entire population – not by a long shot. According to Brightlines, via Gigaom, 60% of people visiting YouTube’s site choose a language other than English in their preferences. 

Take advantage of the potential increase in reach by offering other options for your viewers. 

Promote an Inclusive Brand

By creating alternate versions of your videos, you are communicating to the internet, your audience and potential followers that you are an inclusive brand that cares about much more than just one section of the population. 

When you make alternate versions of your explainer videos in various languages, you’re welcoming in different groups of people into your mission and message, simply by creating it in a language that they know and understand. This will go a long way in positioning your organization as one of inclusivity. 

Strengthen Your SEO

Search engines can crawl video captions, just like they can normal text in blog posts or on a website. When you translate your explainer videos into other languages and utilize closed captions, you’re also helping to strengthen your SEO efforts. Google can crawl the captions of your videos and this will promote growth in your organic reach. 

Now, when someone speaking a different language from your company’s native language Googles a concept you’re hoping to rank for, they may actually get your video and therefore explore your brand or business because of it. 

Get Started on Your Explainer Videos

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