Creating an eLearning course that is the right combination of information, entertainment, training, and fun is no easy task! You want the students in your course to learn as much as possible while being fully engaged and entertained at the same time. Incorporating animated explainer videos is the perfect way to take your eLearning course to the next level!

Best Practices for Incorporating Animated Explainer Videos into Your Course 

Keep each video short.

When incorporating animated explainer videos into your course, make sure each video is on the shorter side and delivers the information or content in bite-sized chunks.  We recommend 60-90 seconds for each one. This way, the student has a greater chance of absorbing all of the content you’re trying to communicate in shorter videos, rather than a long one which increases the chances that they’ll miss or forget something!

Make sure they are created to be mobile-friendly. 

Creating eLearning courses to be mobile friendly is more important than ever before! You want to also make sure that the videos you are having created for your course are mobile-friendly as well and will translate well if a student uses only the mobile-friendly version of your course. 

Use animated explainers for key concepts. 

You’ll want to utilize videos in sections of your course that are the most important. Use them in the areas of your course where concepts are difficult to understand with text alone, things that need to be shown visually, or points that are extremely important and you want to make sure they are memorable to the learner. This will help you make the most of the videos. 

Create a story thread through all of the videos. 

Keeping the story at the center of the videos and ultimately the course is really important. Develop a plot, characters, setting that is consistent throughout all of the videos that you use within the course. This will allow learners to connect the dots along the way and engage with the content further. 

Choose a great voiceover actor for all of your videos in the course. 

While it’s important to have great visuals and imagery for the videos in your eLearning course, it’s also important to engage your learners on an auditory level too. Choose 1 or 2 voice actors who represent your brand well and use those same voice actors throughout your videos to help your audience connect with them and the content they are talking about. 

Getting Started on Your eLearning Course Videos

Making a memorable and engaging eLearning course is easy when you add the power of animated explainer videos to it! It will help your learners connect with the content in a greater way, be able to access it anywhere, and remember the information better too!

At Jumpstart, we’ve helped so many companies and individuals create amazing animated explainer videos for their eLearning courses. Learn more and get started on yours today!