Creating videos for your eLearning course is crucial in getting your audience interested, engaged, and communicating your content in an effective way. But not all eLearning videos are created equal. There are a few mistakes you’ll want to avoid to make your eLearning videos the most effective that they can possibly be!

3 eLearning Video Mistakes

Creating Multiple, Long Videos

Not only do long videos lose the attention span of your audience, but because of their length, they automatically become full of a lot of content that then becomes difficult for viewers to process.

Training or eLearning videos that are over 10 minutes or more also become difficult for the viewer to follow. Sometimes they may even forget what was communicated at the beginning of the video by the time they reach the end. This can be avoided with smaller, shorter videos, sprinkled throughout the eLearning course. 

Try making each video range from 1-2 minutes, so they can get bite-sized chunks of content that are much more easily digestible. 

You’ll find your audience stays more engaged with shorter videos and will absorb the content more effectively too. 

Creating Videos Without Subtitles

Captions and subtitles are a powerful thing. They give the learner more options and allow you to make the most of the video content you’re creating. Not using them in eLearning videos is a big mistake! Why?

Captions allow:

  • Users learn anywhere, even when they are in a busy area without the ability to turn their volume up. 
  • Different users to learn the same material even in different languages

Among many other benefits too! Captions are crucial for your eLearning videos. 

Creating Videos with Bad Audio

Even though closed captions are essential for your eLearning videos, it’s also critical that you have high-quality audio for the voiceover of your videos for those that can listen to it. 

Poor audio quality can cause people to not understand what you’re trying to communicate and check out from the learning experience. Don’t forget about the background music as well. The choice of background music is important, but even more important is the balance of the voiceover, music, and making sure the audio is in sync. Don’t let poor audio be a barrier from your learners being able to take in the important content you want to get across to them. 

Avoiding eLearning video mistakes is easier said than done on your own. Having a partner in creating these videos can make it a lot easier! At JumpStart, we’ve helped to create everything from just one eLearning video all the way to an entire eLearning course of videos, and we can help you too! Click here to get started.