When it comes to marketing, story is king!

No matter how flashy your animation, amazing your colors, and revolutionary your design, if the story isn’t on point, no one will care. That’s exactly why, here at Jump Start Video, we start every project with a story.

Many people often think of explainer videos or motion graphics as fillers, or simply as content that conveys information. But, they are so much more than that. They are living, breathing representations of your organization, business, product, or service out there telling your story – conveying your values twenty-four hours a day. That’s why we believe that taking the time to craft a story that speaks to your viewers is the most important thing. 

Think of this narrative as the foundation of a house. There’s a lot of preparation that has to be done before you can pour a foundation. One must carefully calculate the details, plan ahead, and consider how others might perceive the finished work from where they stand. Then, and only then can you lay a foundation, and if it’s not done properly then the house built on top will never function. If the foundation is unstable or unlevel, the whole structure will crumble. 

When we view the story or narrative of an explainer video in this way, it’s easy to see the power it has to draw viewers in or drive them away. So, to make sure your story in on-point, be sure to do these five things:

#1: Be Authentic

In the new world of social media, product placement, and hidden ads, consumers are developing a keen eye for fakes. The worst thing you can do is try to be something you’re not. So, own who you are. Own what you do. Own how you do it. Be yourself, and in-turn, you will attract customers that love who you really are…not a fake version of yourself that you’ve created for a marketing campaign.

#2: Be Honest

While similar to authenticity, being honest means constructing a story that reveals flaws. Humanizing your content with real and honest thoughts is often a very effective way to gain followers and grow a customer base.

#3: Be Open

Every organization should have clear values they stand on – values that will not be compromised. But within the confines of those values we need to be sure not to appear rigid and inflexible. Constructing a story that feels open and inclusive, while holding to clearly stated values, will allow as many people as possible to get on board with your message!

#4: Be Clear

A great story is useless without a clear call to action. Every story should end with an assignment – something for your viewers to do. There should be an element of immediacy and urgency, and a clear way to follow the path with as little friction as possible.

#5: Be Confident

If you don’t believe your own story, then no one else will! Be sure to use confident language that re-assures your viewers that you not only believe what you’re saying, but that it can be trusted!

In the end, it’s always best to have the help of a professional, experienced team when writing a script for your next marketing video, explainer video, or motion graphics presentation. That’s why we include our professional script writing service in all our package prices. With Jump Start Video, it never costs extra to have a professional craft your story. So hop on over to our shop, and place your order today!