If you’ve started the process of creating an animated explainer video, your head is probably spinning! You may be asking yourself things like…

What is my main message? 

How should I convey it? 

What will resonate with my audience?

Which style of animation converts best?

These are all great questions! Let’s start by addressing one small factor that can dramatically increase the likeability and impact of your animated explainer video or motion graphics:

the use of a CHARACTER in your video!

You’re likely wondering why characters make a difference. Information is information, right? WRONG! How people receive information varies greatly and depends heavily on how it is communicated. So, let’s start with an example. 

Imagine you own a small dental practice. You want to create a video showing the community that your experienced professionals are able to handle all their dental care needs within a worry-free environment for those afraid of visiting the dentist. Sounds simple enough.

You could write out a script conveying this information – such as…

Here are ABC dental, we’ve been caring for your friends and neighbors for over a decade. With our board certified and friendly staff, we can walk you through the process of addressing your dental needs in a safe environment. There’s no need to be afraid. In fact, we have a long list of great reviews from people just like you – thousands of happy smiles in and around your community. So, don’t wait any longer! Call to book your first appointment today.

This sounds nice enough, right? It’s a professional presentation of the facts, and would work quite well. The real question is, “How can we make it more relatable?” That’s where the use of a character narrative can be extremely helpful. Let’s try out the same story, but through the lens of a character. We’ll call her Jane. 

Meet Jane. Jane hasn’t been to the dentist in over a decade. She knows that she should have regular checkups, but fears the process and judgement she might encounter. That was until her friend, John, told her about ABC dental. After hearing about his experience, Jane decided to give it a shot. She was pleasantly surprised by how friendly and welcoming the staff was, and felt calm and relaxed throughout her entire visit. Doctor Smith has years of experience and really seemed to care about Jane’s dental health and needs. ABC Dental helped Jane resolve some lingering issues and get back on track with regular checkups. If you’re feeling a bit like Jane and would like to get rid of the dread surrounding your dental health, call to book your appointment today!

See the difference? The same information is conveyed in both scripts, but the script with a character narrative is much more personal, and something most viewers can easily relate to. That’s why characters can be used as POWERFUL tools in almost any explainer video. 
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