As a business owner, you have worked tirelessly to develop an advanced technology for consumers to devour. Perhaps your business is evolving within the industry by creating unprecedented strategies to deliver to the market. Maybe, you are not amongst the first two categories, but your product or service’s function – though important – has the tendency to go over people’s heads. In any case, there is an essential marketing tool suited directly for your needs… animated video. 

Animated video?

Yes, animated video! A retreat to every person’s delightful childhood. An implicit reminder of when there were only cartoons, princesses, and happy endings. The entertainment value of animated video simply cannot be matched and in content marketing, entertainment is everything. This new age of consumers has no interest in listening to a sales pitch. The modern person wants easily digestible chunks of information in a format that keeps boredom away. With attention spans waning, content marketers must become more and more creative in grabbing the attention of potential buyers. 

But what if my content is too complicated for an animated video?

If you believe that, then your content is the perfect candidate for video. The more complex the better! In the beautiful world of animation, normal laws of physics and order do not have to be obeyed. A tree can talk, people can fly, and animals can behave just like people! The accompanying strength of this format is that ideas and products can be illustrated more simply than through written or oral communication. This means more people understand and become engaged with the material. Imagine how much more interesting any topic becomes by having a cute puppy explain it! 

Consumers respond to visual formats better.

Did you Know? - Information retention

Sure, it is possible to write out a lengthy step-by-step instruction describing the ins and outs of your products and services. Maybe, just maybe, your loyal consumer base will be entirely composed of the 35% of people who are not visual learners (compared to the 65% that are). In which case you would be a statistical anomaly and that is a genuinely impressive accomplishment. However, it is still important to know that 90% of information received by the brain is visual and visual information (i.e., video) is processed 60,000 times faster than text.

Simply put, people will connect with your brand more when they see it in a video. Animated video can harness the power of nostalgia- sending any adult back to their Saturday morning cartoons. Using animated video can disarm potential customers who would swiftly scroll through content marketing if the individual felt he or she was being given a sales pitch. Animated video can make any complex topic easy to digest. Simply put, 

Animated Video is the way to go in Content Marketing, especially for complex material. 

Making the switch to animated video is a surefire way to improve your company’s content marketing. Your customers will thank you for the increase in entertainment, and as a result, be willing to feel more brand loyalty. The transition is easy, begin your animated video content marketing right here with us today!