As a content creator, you have spent the last few weeks working tirelessly to produce fresh, original, and captivating content. You produced your ideas, then revised and edited until you could put forth a blog contributing value to your audience. So much hard work and yes, of course, there is a nice return on that initial time investment. You generated leads and built brand awareness — a nice reward for the efforts of your labor! But, why stop there? Why not continue to leverage your ideas into another form of content? Take the next step and turn your blog posts into videos!

How can you turn your blog posts into videos? 

On the surface level, the blog to video media transition may seem a bit clumsy and difficult to connect. However, the reality is much different. Oftentimes, blogs may miss potential readers who do not wish to invest enough time to read an entire post or who opt to consume online information through video as opposed to text. While your blog post may be fully engaging, the implicit draw of written text can often pale in comparison to the tools that video utilizes to grab a person’s attention. A repackaged video expands the scope of potential customers a business can reach without sinking more valuable time. 

Outsource to a professional!

The good news is that there really is no barrier to entry if you are considering using your blog posts to create video content! Your company does not need to make an expensive investment by hiring extra staff members, purchasing equipment, and making an organizational shift. Rather, you can outsource your video needs to a specialized company that has all the necessary tools to aid you in expanding your audience. Additionally, this guarantees high-quality video that can be tailored to highlight your brand and content marketing strategies. With the rapid and continued expansion of video’s presence in content marketing, every attempt to highlight your content through video is a smart move to make. 

Let the JumpStart Video team help you turn your blog posts into videos!
Let the JumpStart Video Team help you!

Look for the right partner.

The brilliance of converting blog posts to the video has come to your attention and you are now ready to get started! That is fantastic news. Now it’s time to find the right video partner. As you venture out into the unknown world of video marketing, it can be confusing to know who to trust with your video needs. Here are a few characteristics you’ll want to look for:

A video partner who:

  • Takes the time to understand your direction and your brand vision. 
  • Works to know exactly what is needed for your content marketing. 
  • Can handle everything from start to finish.

Start with us today! 

We’d love to be your video partner and help you leverage your existing content into video.
After collaborating with us to provide the information necessary for your video, you can simply relax while a highly qualified team of video professionals produce the perfect product for you! No worries if you want to make adjustments after seeing the content. We value feedback and want to provide you with the most optimal experience possible.

We are looking forward to hearing how we can help provide value to your business’s content marketing. So go ahead, gather your best blog posts and contact us. Let us help turn your blog posts into videos and bring your ideas to life!