The times of cold-calling and handing out informational pamphlets are long gone. These outdated models have given way to the all-encompassing advertising segment of video. With its adaptability to serve the needs of both acquiring and maintaining a customer base, video has become a necessity for any business. The branding alternatives to video (podcasts, infographics, social media images) while effective, pale in comparison to the power of video marketing. This is the reason that 70% of brands tout video as the most effective means of communication with customers.

Video is the Swiss Army Knife of Advertising

Let’s start with the multi-outcome-based effectiveness of video. It can be used to help explain products, build awareness, and increase traffic. Businesses can also draw highly effective uses out of video at the end of the marketing funnel to drive sales. This begs the question: What can video not do for a business? 

Sure, videos are terrific for content-specific platforms like Youtube. 66% of marketers use this platform. But video has managed to surpass any one social media specialization with 71% and 68% of marketers opting for Facebook and Instagram, respectively. To drive home the point even more, an astoundingly high percentage of businesses – 82% – are utilizing some sort of video each and every month. With nearly the entire weight of the business world swayed in the direction of the video, you don’t want to be left behind.

Back to the Future

Obviously, video is the most dominating marketing tool to engage the customer base right now. The second place really is not even that close. But all are subject to the law of change. With that nugget, we have to think “Will video continue to be the king of content?” The answer is no. It will continue to grow and likely become the king, queen, and quite possibly the entire royal family! So, in actuality yes its dominance is here to stay and expand. 

Did you Know? - Information retention

On top of the astounding number of marketers already utilizing video, 86% are planning to utilize video even more! 85% believe that video will play an important role in marketing in the years to come as well. Nearly every single marketer agreed about the future of the viability of video in marketing. Already atop the throne, video marketing’s reign will continue.

You are Going to Want to Invest in Video

If you are a savvy business owner keen on engaging and creating a loyal customer base, we have the solution for you. With a variety of options suited to connect with any target audience, one can imagine, the king of content can help. With a low economic entry point, ROI is sure to follow. B2B and B2C services alike have made the transition to video marketing. Get started with your video marketing strategy right here.