Creating an explainer video is not just a great marketing tool, but a way to actually convert potential customers into real sales. But, not all explainer videos are created equal or convert to actual sales. But, have no fear! We’ve got the keys to success and ways to ensure that your explainer video converts.

Make sure your video tells a great story.

In the words of Pat Conroy, “The most powerful words in English are ‘tell me a story.’” A viewer not only needs a clear message about your product, but they need to feel a part of the story of that product and how it could be a part of their own life too. Remember: You’re not just selling a product or service, you’re actually selling an idea, a story.

Present the problem, solution and a clear call to action.

As you begin to outline what you want to say in your video, think about it in three parts: The problem, solution, and call to action.

The problem: What need does your product or service fill? How does it make someone’s life easier or business more effective? What problem are you solving with your product?

The solution: Once you’ve stated the actual problem or issue, explain how your product or service can fill their need or fix the problem they’re facing. Position your product offering as the solution that they’ve been looking for all along.

A clear call to action: Once the problem and solution has been presented, now it’s time for the viewer be called to do something with all their newfound information. Think through what you want them to do next. After they’ve seen the video, what do you want them to do? Visit your website? Contact you? Whatever it is, make sure it is clear, direct, and accessible.

Be mindful of the length.

For most videos, 1-2 minutes is a great length to shoot for. In fact, research shows that 75% of viewers will watch an entire 1-2 minute video, as opposed to only 60% for a video of 4-5 minutes. So, this shorter “sweet spot” is typically better and it’s the direction you’ll want to lean. You’ll also need to keep in mind what platforms you want to use your video on. If you’d like this to appear in your Instagram feed, for example, the video can be no longer than one minute (with experts recommending 30 seconds) and for Twitter it can be no more than two minutes (with experts recommending 45 seconds).

Create a click-worthy thumbnail.

It’s important to create something that it visually captivating and causes a potential customer to want to click on the video. Make the thumbnail visually appealing and make sure it’s a clear representation of what the video is about so you’re drawing in the right kind of viewer.

Remember that thumbnails are not something that can be built into a video. On most platforms you can either choose a frame from the video itself or create and upload a separate graphic.

Explainer videos are a powerful medium and with the right plan in place, it’s a medium that could convert viewers into buyers and new customers for your business! To get your affordable explainer video started today, just click here.