The evidence continues to compound showing that employees, by and large, are disengaged at work. In fact, 1 in 3 people will leave their company within the first year of working there. This leads to massive turnover and tons of money spent on locating new team members and onboarding them. The eLearning model is working to solve some of this since most employees agree that they would actually like to have MORE training to be more proficient at their jobs. But training alone isn’t enough. They need something engaging that makes them actually WANT to learn. So, how can you increase engagement in your eLearning courses? Animated explainers!


Why You Should Use Animated Explainer Videos in Your eLearning


It Increases Learning Transfer

Corporate training is lacking actual learning transfer from eLearning courses. In fact, employees typically only use 12% of what is taught in their training in their actual job. Animated explainers help increase retention and learning transfer. By mixing different mediums – audio, text, images, and animations – this allows for greater learning transfer and engagement in the content they are learning.


It Makes Learning Fun

Animated explainers are such a FUN medium! Cute animated characters, great storylines and happy music – what’s more fun than that? If you don’t think that fun matters in training, consider this: 1 in 3 employees felt that boring content was a hindrance in their learning. Making your eLearning course fun and entertaining actually matters for learning transfer and ultimately, improved performance on the job.


Because Ineffective Training Could Cost Big

Training isn’t cheap, but the cost of ineffective training is even greater. Shift reported that the loss of ineffective training could be up to 13.5 million per year, per 1000 employees. That’s HUGE! You invest so much into training, so making sure it’s engaging, fun and actually helping your employees improve in their current roles really counts.  

Because You Need Mobile-Friendly Training Content

The training world has completely transformed over the past decade and it only continues to. One more way it’s changing is its availability. You need content, like animated explainers, that are easily digestible on-the-go and are mobile-ready. According to CBR, this is where so much of our training is headed:

“Think of the next generation of training as very similar – mobile, always available, delivered in engaging, bite-sized bursts that only fill in gaps in your knowledge where they exist. And where appropriate, involving fun and proven engagement techniques like gamification, online competitions between learners – thus ending the isolated learning experiences that lead to user attrition.” — CBR

 Animated explainers are the perfect addition to increase engagement, specifically amongst your mobile training.


Get Started with Your Own Animated Explainers

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