– Hey there, everybody. Thanks for joining me for today’s video. As always, my name hasn’t changed, it’s Joel Young. I’m the owner and creative director at JumpStart Video, .that’s jumpstartvideo.net. Check us out if you haven’t before. We create affordable animation videos. And today, I want to talk about something that came up as I was working with a client last week. Something that I said out loud and then thought, “Ooh, ooh, oh! “That’s good! “That has to be shared with other people “who are like you people. “People who care about video marketing, “people who care about getting the word out, “getting their story out, getting their brand out, “whatever it is. “People that care should know this.” And so I wrote it down and thought we’d have a quick conversation about it today because it’s just quick, it’s insightful, and I think it’ll help you develop campaigns that actually work. 

Here’s the phrase that I said that started this whole conversation. I said that you need to make sure your content is manageable, affordable and sustainable. How ’bout those three things? Manageable, affordable and sustainable. I believe no matter what you’re creating, whether it’s video content, a social media campaign, an advertising and marketing campaign in the traditional world, whatever it is, it better be manageable, affordable, and sustainable. Because in today’s market, in today’s climate, in the online world today, Web 2.0, 3.0, whatever .0 that we’re on, if you don’t do something consistently, it’s not going to matter. 

Whatever you’re doing, you can’t do it just once and expect results. You have to do to it consistently to garner people’s attention and people’s interest. That’s why it needs to be manageable, affordable, and sustainable. Certainly when it comes to video marketing, which is what we care so much about here at JumpStart Video, you need to make sure that you can manage a campaign, you can make it affordable for your budget, and you can sustain consistent posting or consistent interaction with that campaign for a long period of time. 

Many people would ask, how long? Well, as long as you want attention from potential buyers. If you only need six months of attention, only work on the six month’s campaign. But if you need attention all year round, I suggest you have a 12-month, year-round, 365 day a year campaign strategy to make things manageable, affordable, and sustainable. Now, there’s several things that I think you should consider when we’re talking about setting up a campaign that is these three things, manageable, affordable, and sustainable. 

First, you have to think about the who. Who is doing this work? Are you doing the work? Do you have the extra time? Every single day, or week, or month, or however often you need to give time to it. Do you have the extra time to put into it? Two, you have to think about money. Do you have the extra money to consistently put these funds into this content? Can you afford to do this one time, or three times, or four times? Or can you afford to do this once a week, or once a month, or once a quarter for the entire year? You have to figure out a way that it’s affordable for your budget so that you can do it consistently and then you have to make it sustainable. The content has to be such that you don’t run out of ideas. You don’t run out of room to run. That the subject is broad enough or the intent of the campaign is large enough that you can continually talk about this week in and week out for an entire year, two years, three years, four years, five years, 10 years, without losing pace and being able to sustain things. 

Those three things, finding the manageability, the affordability, and the sustainability in any campaign will determine the success of your campaign. And when it comes to video, it certainly has a huge impact. We suggest that you make sure that whoever is managing this is 100% devoted to this for the long haul. Not somebody who could switch. It’s very hard to have it change hands from one person to another. Give it to somebody or to an agency or to something that is able to manage it consistently for you. Jumping around will only hurt things. Set a budget that can also be expanded. This is even going even further. I think this is a great idea. 

Start at a very affordable place for you, something that is easy to attain, and then say, “What could we stretch or what could we pull out of this? “How can we expand this for broader reach?” And then finally, the last thing I wanna kinda put into this is that if we’re gonna make things manageable, affordable, and sustainable, we have to give them time to grow. If we put a campaign out there and then decide we need to evaluate it a week later whether it lives or whether it dies, we don’t know how the world works. We don’t know how the internet works, because nothing happens that quickly. It needs to be something that you look over, you oversee, in the wee-to-week, the month-to-month, but that you evaluate at very specific sets of time. 

I would say that when it comes to video marketing, do something for six months before you ever turn around and say, “Is this working? “What kind of results are we getting from this? “What’s the ROI?” Those are all very valid questions, but don’t ask them too early or with too little content. Have a consistent flow of content for six months and then ask yourself, “How did this affect our bottom line? “How did this help us? “What did this say to the world about us? “Is it worth doing for another six months?” And then every year, have a different conversation. Look at this whole year of work, this campaign, how did that affect what we did last year? Would we do it again? If so, would we do it with the same budget? Would we do it with the same people? Will we do it in the same way? All of these are great questions. 

Any campaign you put together must be manageable, affordable, and sustainable. And I think those three things will help you put together campaigns and marketing efforts that work, they get your name and your brand out there, and that help people connect with you over a long period of time which creates lasting results, customer advocacy, and true brand heroes. 

Hey, everybody! Thanks so much for watching today’s video. I hope you found that helpful, from the inside of an owner’s mind as I’m working with other owners. Lots of you out there that are business owners. People making things happen. I absolutely love doing this stuff, and I love talking to you about it right here on the YouTube channel. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our YouTube channel, hit the bell right next to that subscribe button so you’ll be notified every time we put out a new video. We do this multiple times a week and these videos are jam-packed full of useful information for anybody, from a baker, to a hair salon owner, to an aircraft mechanic. Three things that couldn’t be any more different. It’s useful for everybody. And getting your name out there, using video to conquer the world and tell people about your business, product, or service. 

Until next time, my name is Joel Young. We are jumpstartvideo.net, and get out there and keep doing things, because the future favors the doers.