Social media platforms have adapted and survived against each other’s competition in a number of ways over the years. Sometimes a platform seems spent in terms of energy and creativity. But there’s always a curveball that makes people rethink the entire purpose and function of the platform. This concept is no different from the recent announcement regarding the move to video on Instagram.

The announcement, made by Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, detailed the switch to video the company is planning. Mosseri noted the competition from other sites such as YouTube and TikTok. In particular, he noted the growth those video-centric sites have seen over the last few years.

Following the Larger Trend


Instagram’s move to video follows a larger trend made many times over the last several years. Multiple platforms have switched to video and seen their subscriber and viewer counts rise because of their decision.

For example, Facebook introduced an autoplay feature on their website in 2013; this feature, seen as an annoyance at the time, led to all-time high viewership and subscriber numbers for the company. TikTok, which is extremely popular right now, is based entirely on video. Its meteoric rise has businesses everywhere taking notice.

A Long Line of Attempts

Although this new announcement has been met with zeal, there’s no guarantee that the move will succeed as intended. Instagram has tried and failed in the past to make the move to a more video-centric platform. One example of this is Reels. This feature is largely seen by many as an underused and not-quite-as-popular alternative choice to TikTok. That platform continues to soak up the social media markets for younger demographics. Another attempt, IGTV, was also initially met with resistance. This feature was meant to compete with YouTube. But this didn’t prove to be as fruitful an alternative as they hoped.

Instagram: The Latest Try

This new attempt by Instagram to move into the video sphere seems to be different for a number of reasons. First, this change doesn’t look like an attempt to horn in on an established company’s market share or customer base. Instead, the new direction appears to merge the already popular conceptions of Instagram with a new and original direction. 

For example, the new direction Instagram is taking will apparently use recommendations to engage with viewers. They can then customize and prioritize what they want to see and when. There will also be a “for you” page. This will act as a central hub for users who want to control what they see. While not a completely novel approach, insiders are hopeful it will usher in a new age of users.

A Hopeful Future

There are many reasons to be excited about these new features and the new direction the company is taking. Although skeptics exist, the general consensus is a renewed excitement and intrigue surrounding the platform. This may ultimately end up working its favor. One of the things that sets Instagram apart is the ease and simplicity of the site and its account management.

Currently, users need a variety of accounts. These depend on what they want to access and when they want to access it. However, if Instagram succeeds in becoming a central hub, users may leave other sites. Mainly because of the hassle of logging into multiple accounts. Instagram is also one of the primary platforms for cross-posting TikToks, which could absolutely serve as a boon.

Additional Features on Instagram

The announcement made concerned slightly more than just the new video-centric direction of the company. Mosseri also references other features and messaging potentials the company will be taking soon (although details are sparse). Instagram plans to expand its brand in more ways than one. The platform may also be adding a feature for podcasts and strictly audio creations. We expect more on these features. But this announcement has only wet the palate of an audience craving new and intriguing innovations.

What Can You Do?

Instagram is shifting to a video-centric platform and making constant changes. Now is the time to invest in quality video for your social accounts. Learn how we can help here.