In a perfect world, you could sink endless resources into video marketing to nurture and convert valuable leads. Attempting to achieve this marketing utopia can have some severe shortcomings though. 

“Perfect is the enemy of good.” — Voltaire

Is video quality important? No doubt about it!  Is some video far more effective than the “perfect” video that always stands just outside of your budgeting grasp? Absolutely. While we certainly vouch for producing high-quality video marketing, do not let an imperfect budget stand in the way of what can be achieved. 

Go ahead and get started! There is a myriad of uses for videos that can be accomplished on less-than-Hollywood-production funding. 

the best video is the one you can afford

Video marketing can fit your needs even on a smaller budget

Vlogs: Vlogs can be used for information-based posts. Instead of a lengthy blog post that may have difficulty captivating your audience’s attention, turn to vlogs to get your information noticed! Demos are a perfect use of the vlog format. Take potential customers on a walk-through of what it would be like to utilize your services or product. There is a big difference between being told something can help you and being shown precisely how it will make your life better. Vlogs can do this for you. If demos are not the right mode for you, perhaps a more informational tutorial can aid your business’s marketing needs. If a large portion of your customer base does not understand the functionality of a product, they may not realize exactly how it can provide value. Tutorials can fill this knowledge gap and leave valuable hard leads behind.

Webinars: Webinars can help your business throughout every step of the sales process. It can build lists for potential email marketing campaigns, it can advance leads by providing information and knowledge on a product, and it can even convert potential customers into paying customers. Webinars are affordable to host and can be conveniently produced. For the price of a few hours of your time, you can gain potential customers and produce content value that will leave your audience wanting more. The most important piece of webinars is producing value though. No one will sign up to be sold to. People will sign up and attend to be educated, informed, and entertained. Maximize your budget, host a webinar, provide value, and watch the leads roll in. 

The best video is the one you can afford

Work with an expert to help you maximize your budget

Standing on the sideline watching the video marketing game being played will never serve your business’s needs. You simply have to play the game if you ever want to win. It may not be the most ideal circumstances to get started and you may wish that you could afford to spring for a bit higher video production costs, but video marketing can still get the job done for whatever you need!

Here at JumpStart, we have worked with an array of budgets and issues with our clients. We certainly do not let smaller video marketing budgets get in the way of producing quality content that provides value. So, if you are looking to get started with video marketing and need experts to help you maximize your advertising dollars – contact us today.