Amateur cinematography has a wonderful niche in our culture. Your child’s first bike ride, an anniversary trip, ball game, or even a special game night with friends- all captured by your iPhone. Unfortunately, content marketing is not the area that you want to cut corners in video quality; neither for the sake of time or your bottom line… and we’ll tell you why. High-quality video matters.

54% of millennials watch multiple videos in a row. So, over half of a large customer base is fully willing to throw productivity out of the window and let someone’s wonderful digital creation capture their singular audience for as long as his or her attention span allows. You might be thinking…

“Awesome, so just make videos right?”

“If it is that easy to get millennials to watch my videos, then quality should not matter.”

“I will just snap any ole’ video and they will come flocking to my business.”

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

high-quality video

People will not watch just anything

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but all that time watching video has bred a taste for the finer side of things – at least as it pertains to video quality. Amongst all adults, not just millennials, time spent watching videos fell by an insane 77% as the quality of video dropped. Furthermore, 85% of respondents in this same study specified that they expect “TV-like quality” in their videos. Rut-row. They want television level content.This level of content is not easy to produce.

If you come for the crown, you better not miss

Video is the king of content and when you play the game of “content marketing thrones”, you win with quality or your viewership dies. But don’t fret, video marketing – when done right – can be a rockstar for your business. 

High-quality video can be a game changer

Part of the issue with producing low-quality video is the lesser appearance becomes associated with your brand. You may put out one grainy, un-thought out video, no big deal? Wrong. Big deal. Unconsciously, whenever this unsuspecting customer is perusing the internet and comes across your video in the future, a trigger is hit somewhere in the deep recesses of his or her brain refusing to issue valuable attention to unworthy content. 62% of viewers will develop a distaste for your brand after viewing poor-quality video and 60% will not even engage. Vice versa, when you consistently put out top-notch videos, people are on the lookout for you. They know you bring value to the table and they will drop any task to see what you have to say. 

High-quality video ups your ROI

On top of brand association, high-quality video prompts better leads that are easier to convert. In the long run, your return on investment goes up in high-quality video – you simply get what you pay for. Do you want accidental clicks and soft inquiries or interested parties wanting to know how they can purchase your product? 

We can solve your video quality issues

Let’s face it. The quality of video matters for content marketing. Before you get stressed pondering how on Earth you can produce the type of videos that consumers want, we just have one thing to say – we can help! JumpStart is your one-stop shop for high-quality video. We will sit down with you, evaluate your needs, and even listen to your feedback throughout the process. Let us help your brand. Do your business a favor and get started with JumpStart today.