Why is using video for social media ads more effective than still images? In a hypothetical scenario, think about which of the following 2 situations is more likely to get your attention. A wild Cheetah running 60 miles per hour straight at you, or a tree in your backyard? Yeah, probably that wild cheetah. That is the difference between videos and still images. One situation demands a viewer’s immediate attention, and the other situation waits idly by, hoping for a chance to be looked at.

One more scenario to think about. You’re given the choice between two different content marketing pieces. One brings you an average marketing return while the other is guaranteed to give you higher click rates, higher click-through rates, increased conversion rates of 20-30%, and an all-around higher activity rate… The first option is a still image. The other — video! That’s correct; video marketing positively impacts nearly every single metric used to evaluate the success of ads on Facebook and Instagram. It’s more successful and will provide you with a higher return on investment for your marketing budget and here is why.

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Video for Social Media Ads Allows for More Information

Still images are just that – still – while videos are dynamic and moving. The nature of video allows for you to communicate more fully how awesome your product is and how it can make someone’s life better. Instead of limiting yourself to a few short lines, you can use video to ease the constraints in your content marketing.

Videos Build More Brand Trust

64% of customers will reach their purchasing decision after watching an online branded video. This is because videos go much further into making a consumer believe in what you are selling. They also instill trust in your story. Even on a personal level, it is easier to trust someone you see online if they post a video of themselves versus a close-up selfie. Videos are closer to interpersonal interaction than still images. That translates to more brand trust from consumers.

Videos for Social Media Ads Drive More Engagement 

60% of marketers say that video drives more engagement for their business as opposed to still image advertising. On Instagram, video engagement for ads triples that of still image ads. 

Part of this is due to the default silence on videos for both Instagram and Facebook. If a video grabs the attention of a consumer, then she must stop, click on the video, and devote attention to watching the video. Videos being silent elicits action from viewers and this translates to more attention to videos. Utilizing this action tendency makes videos far more successful in the advertising space of Facebook and Instagram.

Start Making an Impact With Video Today

After having heard how much more efficient video content marketing is, you may be ready to get started advertising. If you don’t know where to start, then contact us at JumpStart Video today! We work with your business directly to build a content strategy that works for your audience. We’ll help you drive engagement and boost the ROI for your marketing budget. Let us help you.