– All right, all right, thank you so much for joining me for this video today. As always my name is Joel Young, I’m the owner and creative director here at JumpStart Video, and today, I wanna talk about how to get more sales through social. 

Now, for many people, this is something that they’ve been trying to do for a while. Maybe you have a Facebook page, a LinkedIn page, a YouTube channel, whatever it is, you have some sort of social channel out there working for your brand, or your business, and you’ve been making little posts, maybe putting up pictures, funny little memes, whatever it is. We hope you’ve been using some video marketing, because that’s really the most effective way to grab people on social. But whatever you’ve been doing, maybe you’ve been dipping a toe in for a while, doing it for a while, not seeing many results. Many people always ask us, how do we get more sales, through social? And the answer is quite simple, you have to stop selling on social. That’s right, seems a little counter intuitive, but the only way to get more sales through social is to stop selling through social, all the time, because what happens when you try to sell yourself on social, is that people in your network, people that are connected to you, eventually quit listening. Because all you do is sell. 

Now the other question behind that question is going to be, if we’re not supposed to sell on social, to get more sales, how do we get more sales on social? Well, the way to do that is to become a trusted expert in your community. A trusted expert in your niche, with your network, for what you do specifically. And we believe, and I think there are facts to back this up, the most effective way to do that, is through engaging video content. That sets you up as the subject matter expert in your field. 

So let’s say you’re a contractor, you need to be consistently posting videos, articles, posts, statuses, pictures, whatever it is. Not to sell people, but to inform people about things that surround your industry. Maybe top tips for selecting a contractor, maybe different ways to go about getting estimates for a job, whatever it is, you need to be providing free knowledge, free value to your audience, to your network, to your connections so that they can then look at you and say, this person knows what they’re talking about. This person is a subject matter expert, this person is the first person I’m gonna go to, when I need something related to their niche, see what I mean? 

If you’re a realtor, you need to post things constantly about the home buying process, maybe what it’s like to get a mortgage, what you need to look out for, how to sell a home with pets. Whatever it is, you need to be posting things in your niche that establish you as a subject matter expert and stop trying to sell yourself or your brand all the time. You see, social media is most effective when it’s used to connect with people, not to try to sell people on something, because what people love to do is get valuable information for free on social. So the things that they like, that they repost, that they comment on, they see more content like that. And hopefully that content continually comes from you. 

So in short, the best way to sell more on social, is to stop selling. We think a long track record of posting great, valuable content that has value to your audience, is the best way to do it. And obviously a consistent drip of video marketing is gonna be even more effective. If we know that video is four times more effective than a written blog post, then four videos is 16 times more effective than four blog posts, or four written articles. A lot of our clients use our videos in a slow drip process. 

They’re posting one a week, one a month, maybe it’s a couple a month. And I challenge you to ask yourself, if you have one video on your website, and saw that it was effective, what could two videos a month do on your social channels. What could smaller video clips, smaller tip videos, things that provide great value and knowledge to your audience, what could that do for your reputation in those circles, and your ability to sell yourself later on down the road, in the appropriate venue. That’s just something that we get asked a lot here at JumpStart that I wanted to make a quick video about that’ll hopefully help you to get on the other side of this challenging mountain that is social media marketing. Don’t give up, keep going, keep posting, provide value, and if you wanna quick video, something that you can get out there and it’ll be inexpensive, then let us know. 

We are JumpStart Video, we create affordable animation, and explainer videos all the time. Go to, you can click in just a few seconds and buy your very own video. It’s great, we do it quick, we do it great, the quality’s up there, you’re just gonna love it, so go out and try it, and until next time guys, my name is Joel Young and this has been another tip from JumpStart Video.