– Hey everybody. Thanks so much for joining me for today’s video. If you don’t know, my name is Joel Young and I’m the Creative Director and Owner of JumpStart Video., we’re a design firm that creates affordable explainer videos and animations. And today, today I wanna talk about temptation. Yeah, that’s right. Temptation to some of you, some of you have actually given in to to do something that I feel is ill-advised. We’re gonna talk a little bit about do it yourself video animation platforms today. 

Now, if you go out and google the internet, the worldwide webs, you’re gonna find all over the place, there are tools to help you do it yourself. Explainer videos, whiteboard animations made easy. It’s all fun and easy. Just pay for our subscription and it’ll be plug and play for you. But the reality is it’s not plug and play. It’s not easy. That’s a temptation that these companies are using to get you in the door to pay them hundreds of dollars to use their tool to later find out that you can’t do what you wanna do by yourself. 

The way I would equate this or the thing I would equate this to is think about your car. It’s a complex machine. You can go to any auto parts store and buy the tools to change your own oil, but how many of you actually know enough to change the oil in your car? You probably say, well, I would never do that. I don’t know anything about cars. I don’t wanna break it. But the truth is you don’t know anything about making videos, either. And that’s not a bad thing. You are an expert at what you’re an expert in. Be an expert at your business, product or service. Leave the animation up to the experts. 

You see, you’ve got video makers like Animaker and Vyond and Powtoons out there that will offer you subscriptions to their service to use their plug and play drag and drop animation editors. But the truth is just in the same way you don’t know how to change the oil in your car just because you can have the tools, you don’t know how to make a great animation video just because you can purchase the tools. What you need to do is rely on experts like us at JumpStart Video, to use tools like that to make a video for you and make it affordably. 

Did you know that a 90-second video with us completely done for you by professionals, everything from script writing, voiceover, animations, music integration, all the edits, everything costs the same as one-year membership to one of those do it yourself video editors? It’s absolutely true. For the same price that they’re gonna charge you to keep your videos for one year and figure it all out yourself and put in all your time, you could have us do it completely for you. And it’s just not worth your time and effort to try to become an expert at something and then come up with less than perfect results. Because when it comes to video marketing, just like anything else, you need a quality product out there to represent your business, product or service well. And if it looks like you did it yourself, most people will know you did it yourself, and they won’t take your business seriously. 

So before you hop online and buy a subscription to Animaker or Vyond or Powtoons or any other do it yourself video animation software, ask yourself, do I have the expertise? Do I have the time? Do I have the knowledge and skill to do this well? And if not, the answer is no, which it probably is. Look for a company like JumpStart to do it affordably for you within your budget, so that you can get something great, get it out there to work for you and not waste a bunch of your time and extra money doing something yourself. Just a small tip, something to help you out. Something that we see clients come to us with all the time. They come after they’ve tried to do it themselves and found out it was just a bad idea. 

We hope that saves you time. We hope it saves you money, and if you’re interested in getting an animation video made, hop on over to You can just, with a few clicks, purchase your animation video, get us started. We’ll create a high-quality, dynamic animation. Everything from your script, to your voicing, your animations, all the stuff you need in just a couple of weeks. I know, it seems too good to be true, but it’s not. Go check it out. Go look at our portfolio, you’ll see tons of great work. We’ve done over 13,000 projects for people all over the world. You’ll love it. So thanks for watching today’s video. I hope it helped and until next time, keep creating.