Video content has more than proven itself to be an effective marketing strategy over the past decade. But, many believe that 1-2 videos alone can improve their efforts. While this may be true to a degree, it is consistent content, specifically with videos that really take your efforts to the next level. 

This is especially true of your real estate business. Video marketing is critical in increasing your revenue and gaining more clients. But, that can’t happen with just 1 or even 2 videos. This is why consistent video content is necessary. 

3 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Business Needs Consistent Video Content

Establish Credibility and Authority with Your Audience

By consistently delivering content to your audience through explainer videos, whiteboard videos, and other video styles, you are establishing yourself as a thought-leader. Why is this important?

When someone is considering selling or purchasing a home, they want a partner who is a real estate expert. What better way to showcase your knowledge and ability than by giving information and education through the power of video?

By regularly delivering informative and helpful tips on everything from getting pre-approval for a loan, what the market is currently looking like, and what kind of properties are currently worth investing in, will be showing your audience that you really know your stuff! This will ultimately bring in more clients and revenue for your business. 

Set Yourself Apart

The real estate market isn’t just competitive when it comes to buying and selling – it’s also quite competitive on the agent side of things too. There are probably many different agents in your local area, all competing for the same clients that you are. Video is a great way to set yourself and your business apart from the other agents in your area. 

Video helps your name, business and unique offering stick in someone’s mind. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be giving away free, helpful content within the videos you publish increasing the chances of a viewer wanting to work with you over other agents who don’t offer this. 

Engage Your Followers More

Video is widely regarded as the most engaging medium that currently exists. That’s probably why about 6 billion hours of video content are consumed via YouTube every month. Yes, every MONTH! 

People are already looking for videos. It’s what stops their scroll on social media platforms. It’s what they search for often via their internet browser. It’s what captures their attention more than any other type of media. 

So as the old saying goes “Give the people what they want!” 

Create greater engagement with your online audience that can then turn into new and returning clients for your real estate business and work to increase your revenue in turn. 

Sounds Great, But….

We get it – producing consistent video content seems great in theory for growing your business, but may seem impossible with your current workload and budget. That’s why we created the Real Estate Video Club!

Our exclusive membership site is for real estate agents just like you! Our curated video content library is full of professionally created video content that we will brand for you so it’s ready to share on your social channels that same day. And with new videos being created every week, you will always have something fresh and relevant to share. 

It’s easy, affordable and consistent so that you can leverage the power of video marketing for your real estate business right away!