For many organizations, video learning has already become a big part of their training strategies. But, it has now become essential for every single one of us, given our current climate.

Even if you haven’t jumped into the video learning world before, you’re quickly realizing that it is something you’re going to need to take advantage of. In the midst of COVID-19, in-person learning and training is obviously not possible and won’t be for some time. This is certainly a reason that video learning and training are so important right now and we’ll discuss that more. But, we should also recognize that this pandemic will change the way that we work, train and learn going forward. Video is going to be a huge part of this!

We could go on and on about the benefits of adding video to your learning and training. From making the training feel more personal, enjoyable, and engaging to simply being more practical, there are so many reasons that video learning can be a huge benefit to your training strategy. 

But, if you still need more convincing on why using video within your training methods is more important than ever, we’ve got you covered!

Remote Learning Needs Video

Since remote training is the only safe and possible way to deliver content to your team right now, video learning is a must. Even after the COVID-19 pandemic is gone, this fact won’t change. Remote work and therefore training will likely continue to increase even after everything has passed, so the need for video learning will only grow.

Long written form content and traditional training methods aren’t going to be enough to keep your team engaged, especially as they work remotely. If you want your training to actually make a change in your organization, adding video is going to be an important step.

Video Learning is More Affordable

Did you know that 85% of every dollar spent on classroom training is simply to deliver it! This includes the teacher or learning leader, classroom space, materials, etc. 

By delivering videos to your team, you will be able to dramatically cut costs of training which will be even more necessary in our current economy.

Make the Training Experience Seamless

Whether you’re in a remote work setting or not, it’s virtually impossible to get every single team member together at the same time in the same place for training. People get sick, they take vacations and need to leave work early to pick up their kids. Life happens and every single person isn’t always present for necessary training.

This can lead to a few team members missing the training altogether (which isn’t ideal especially if it’s around an important organizational procedure) or getting a different experience than those who could make it to the in-person training.

By making video learning an integral part of your training, it will ensure that everyone gets the same experience and information that they need.

Jumping into video learning might seem confusing, but at JumpStart, we aim to make it as simple and easy as possible, so you can focus on what matters most – creating and delivering the necessary training your team needs. Get started on your next training video here.