Digital transformation. Two words that have definitely been important for businesses over the past few years, but became essential almost overnight with the spread of COVID-19, an increase in remote work, and so many people being isolated at home.

Many businesses and organizations were prepared for a situation like this and others have been scrambling to catch up as they work to transform digitally. But, whether your organization has already gone through a digital transformation, is in process, or has yet to start, video needs to be a part of it. 

Digital Transformation and Video

Digital transformation isn’t just about technology. It’s not just about offering new products or services. It’s not just about changing or improving current processes. While many of these things may be true and may happen, digital transformation is just that – a transformation of your organization as a whole. 

When it comes to transforming an entire organization, there is one thing that you absolutely have to get right and that is communication. This is where video becomes your very best friend.

When you’re looking to transform your entire organization or an entire sector of your business, you have to communicate your plans, strategies and ideas to many different groups of people like your:

  • Internal Leadership Team
  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Leads

To truly be able to communicate the changes, shifts, and transformation that’s going to happen to so many different groups of people, it takes many different forms of communication, and video should be at the top of that list. Why?


Video Can Clearly Define Your Message

One of the biggest mistakes in creating a digital transformation is the lack of clarity about WHAT is happening and WHY it is happening. Creating a video series outlining each step of the transformation will eliminate confusion. 


Video Streamlines Communication

Instead of trying to communicate to many different groups in many different ways, you can send out 1 video or even a series of videos that explain what is happening and why it is happening so that communication is seamless and happens in one place. 


Video Ensures Everyone is on the Same Page

When you’re taking something on as big as a digital transformation, you can’t afford for different groups to have different understandings of what is happening. You need everyone on the same page, with the same information. Video makes this really simple and effective.


Video Can Explain in Greater Detail What the Transformation is Going to Look Like

This is where Explainer Videos really shine. The hard part about a digital transformation isn’t alerting your organization that it is planned or why it’s happening. The difficult part is explaining in detail what it is practically going to look like and what is going to change. An animated explainer video or other types of video will allow you to easily do this so everyone has a clear understanding.


Video Will Engage Whatever Audience You’re Speaking To

Don’t send another boring email or company memo that people tend to already ignore. Engage them with the medium they are already familiar with, is fastest growing and they tend to consume the most of — video! When you send a video, they’ll actually be far more curious about your message and you’ll increase engagement of the content you need to communicate.


To learn more or get started creating videos to explain and support your digital transformation, just click here.