It’s no secret that video is more powerful than written text. In fact, potential customers are over 27 times more likely to click on a video than a traditional banner ad. So, you can imagine how much more powerful using an explainer video can be than relying on copy or graphic ads alone.

If that statistic isn’t enough for you, we’ve got 5 more reasons why explainer videos are more powerful than written text and why you should be taking advantage of them!

Video captivates people.

Why does video captivate people more than written text? Because it’s able to harness non-verbal communication – one of the most powerful forms of communication. Through an explainer video you can give a greater sense of tone, humor, and inflection, not to mention the visual aspect that will grab a viewers’ attention and keep them there. A viewer doesn’t have to reply on their own imagination to try and understand what you’re communicating – it’s right there

before them and much more clear.

Attention spans are short.

You’ve heard us talk about this before and you’ll hear it again, because this principal is SO important! Remember that a person in 2019 averages around 8 seconds in attention span. That’s not a lot of time to hook someone, but with video, it’s a lot more likely that they’ll stay and hear the info than reading an entire blog post or a large amount of copy. This leads into our next point…

Video delivers info quickly.

With such short attention spans, you know you need to deliver information as quickly as possible. When you’re trying to educate your audience around a particular topic, you want to communicate the idea fully of course, but you also want to do it quickly. Video allows you to do that with a greater possibility that they will absorb all of the information you want to communicate.

It’s more entertaining and engaging for your audience.

The content that you’re trying to communicate is only as valuable as the engagement you receive because of it. Meaning, that you can put out amazing content, but if it’s not being communicated in a way that your viewers can retain, it’s failing. Video is king when it comes to engagement. Statistics show that the average person can remember 95% of the content that is communicated via video and only 10% when they read that same content. Crazy right? This is just another reason why explainer videos are more powerful than written text.

They are clickable and shareable.

Login to Facebook really quick. Take a quick scroll through your newsfeed. What do you see? Video, video, and oh yeah, more video! People love to share videos and they love to click on them too. By creating a great explainer video and sharing it with your audience, you’re creating a ripple effect for your audience to share it with their own and so forth. This creates a wide reaching net for your marketing efforts.

Explainer videos are a powerful tool and the best part? They are both affordable and easy to make! You can get started on your own right here.