Video explainers can be a great tool to use in your marketing strategy. They help you make a personal connection with potential customers and give them a better understanding of what your company does. In this blog post, we will cover 10 ways that video explainer videos can boost your business!

1. Stand out from the crowd

Explainer videos can help you get on the first page of Google. For instance, by using videos that have been specifically created for SEO purposes you can put yourself ahead of other companies offering similar products or services.

2. Easy to share

If someone has a good experience on your website but isn’t sure about buying from you yet, they are much more likely to buy if they see how easily their product or service can be shared with others through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

3. Who doesn’t love sneak peaks?

Explainer videos gives potential customers an inside look at what happens behind the scenes. In other words, a picture may say 1000 words but nothing beats watching somebody perform the task that is being described. If you don’t believe us just ask Dropbox.

4. Connection is everything

Explainer videos allow you to connect with your target market on a personal level. It is much easier for potential customers to relate to and trust a brand that they can see and hear.

5. Show what you know

Explainer videos are a great way to show off your expertise. It allows you to go into detail about the product or service that you offer and share tips on how customers can use it properly. Check ours out below!

6. Instagram shopping, anyone?

You may be surprised by the number of people that include video as part of their search results when shopping online. When shoppers see multiple videos about a product or a service, there is a good chance they will choose one from your company over someone else’s because it helps support their decision-making process.

7. Goodbye guesswork

Explainer videos gets rid of the guesswork for potential customers. Almost everyone has purchased something online only to realize they have no idea what goes where, how it works, etc. In short, with video explainers all those questions will be answered before they even click buy.

8. Inclusive

Explainer videos are easy for people with disabilities as well as senior citizens who may not have quick enough eyesight to read through text-based descriptions quickly enough during their search process.

9. Time is Money

Have you been thinking of ways to automate a process? Explainer videos prerecorded and ready will help you do just that! This is a great option for people who are constantly on the move and are looking for ways to streamline onboarding, off-boarding, pieces of training, elearning, etc.

10. Catching their attention

Instead of trying to describe your product, service, or business in 500 words, it’s easier just to show them what they need through an explainer video. It will help to keep your audience engaged and help them retain more information.