Dominoes are good for one thing. Lining them up, and then knocking them down. Now, apply that same logic to your video marketing strategy and ask yourself, “What’s the one big domino that we’re trying to knock down?”

It often takes a while to line up the dominos. It has to be done very carefully and intentionally. The dominoes have to be close enough to knock each other down, but not too close. 

When it’s finally time to have fun, you always hit the first domino in the line. It knocks down the second, which knocks down the third. Next thing you know, they’re all down. But it always starts with the First Domino – the very first action that starts a long chain of events. 

We can learn a thing or two from dominos. Specifically…

What’s your First Domino?

Knocking it Down

For all of us, there’s one “domino” that if we finish it, we’ll start a chain of events that will result in task after task getting completed. And then we’ll (eventually) get to the success we’re looking for. 

What’s that First Domino? What’s the one thing that will get your customer in the door? Depending on the field you’re in, it could be a purchase, a conversion, scheduling a conversation, or someone visiting a website. 

A video can be the push that gets the First Domino to fall.


What’s the one idea that you want people to remember, the one action you want them to take when they see your video? Now ask yourself, “Does my content knock over that domino?It is easy to let our content run in multiple directions, doing anything and everything to get our audience’s attention. However, what is an audience’s attention without your intended result? The answer is nothing.

Practice Consistency

Video marketing strategies should be consistent in order to build trust with your audience. Video marketing strategies should be consistent in order to build trust with your audience. Consistency separates the successful from the unsuccessful. Consistency builds trust with your audience – which is essential regardless of the field you’re in. When you’re consistent, you see results and you get better at the task that you’re trying to accomplish. Remember the dominoes- when building that domino snake it takes time, effort, energy, and patience. You may not get it right on the first try, but you keep at it and the consistency will pay off.

Take a Deep Breath

This should bring you immense relief. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself when it comes to your marketing strategies. Remember, keep the main thing the main thing. You’re seeking the satisfaction of getting all the way to the end of your domino set and knocking it down. That same satisfaction won’t be achieved if you knock the middle domino down. The idea is, this one domino is the only thing you need to focus on. It’s the only thing that really matters because if you knock it over, everything else will fall into place.

Friends, don’t allow the task in front of you to be a daunting one. Dust off that old dominoes set, physically label that first domino you’re wanting to knock down, and just have fun with the building process.